Fire Action Policy

Your Fire Action Policy should include details of what to do in the event a fire is discovered at your establishment, and it should also:

    • say how to raise the alarm and what number to ring in the event of a fire being detected
    • list the location of all fire fighting equipment
    • include procedures for where all people should assemble in the event of a fire
    • state¬†should be done to safeguard any animals onsite but it must be noted that this should only be done so in the event that it will not endanger human life
    • list where horses and animals onsite

Fire Action Procedure

    • The procedure will be a simplified abbreviated version of your policy
    • Keep it short and simple with a clear outline of what to do in the event of a fire at your premises
    • Make sure you list your full address and postcode along with any emergency contact details for other responsible persons onsite

N.B. before your inspection make sure that all fire fighting equipment is in good working order and that your fire extinguishers have had their annual check and that the correct signs are posted above them. Fire extinguishers make excellent door stops but make sure they are in the right place before your inspection.